Project Description


Revelator is a coffee roaster and café operator with local coffee shops based in metro markets across the Southeast United States. Not only do they sell coffee by the cup and bag but they offer subscriptions and seasonal/limited coffee flavors. They needed to enter the digital world strategically and intelligently via ppc services, so they met with Firestorm SEM to discuss ppc strategies.


We started by looking at this both from the local level (cafes, ecommerce, and subscriptions) and the national level (ecommerce and subscriptions). From there we performed a vertical analysis to build ppc search audience profiles and ppc search keyword targets specific to each offering from the business. We also reviewed the landscape and competition to determine threats and opportunities.


There were two high level components; local PPC and national PPC. For the local PPC aspect, we designed a strategy to dominate their own brand locally, preventing competitors or irrelevant results from showing. We also layered in coverage for users not aware of their brand just yet, with terms like “local coffee shop” and “coffee shop near me”. The last component of the local PPC coverage involved ecommerce PPC, focusing on single, exclusive bagged coffee sales (popular with self described coffee “snobs”), multi-bag and bulk sales, and selling the subscription of automatic, regular coffee delivery.

For the national PPC component, we knew that competition is fierce so we needed to find a way to enter into the market without wiping out the PPC budget. Ultimately we analysed the business, its markets, consumers, and messaging and identified three strengths to leverage. By doing this we laid the foundation for a strong national PPC push within the confines of their budgets, allowing for maximum relevant exposure and ROI.

The Process

Digital baristas through PPC


KPI improvements resulting from the campaign.

in Sales in 2 Months
ROI (Sales vs Ad Spend + Fee)

“Within two months of implementing their strategies, we earned more than $70,000 in equipment sales.”  – Meredith, Executive Director of Marketing, Revelator Coffee Company

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