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An innovator in the way consumers purchase prescription drugs needed an SEM, retargeting, and display presence to acquire new customers, drive awareness, and keep current customers engaged.

Went from no sales in December to over 3k in April. 
Conversion rates doubled from December to April.
Brand awareness (as measure by sessions) increased 7 fold. 
ROAS increase of 400%


Drive new customers through sales and app installs, engage current customers, increase brand awareness.


A dynamically innovative paid search campaign layered with audience segments that communicated the brand's value. Conversion rates were optimized through landing page testing, effective messaging, and a/b split testing. Conversion tracking was paramount and setup to speak with every keyword sending conversions, as well as provide insight on the backend. 


We increased sales from paid search to over 3k in April, beginning with none from paid search at the start of December. Conversion rates doubled from December when sales began to over 2% in April (additional testing resulted in a controlled drop in conversion rates from March to April, but this was planned for). Brand awareness, measured through sessions, increased steadily from 20k in December to almost 141k in April. ROAS (return on ad spend) increased by 400% during the engagement.

3k+ Sales

2x Conversion Rates

7x Sessions Increase

400% ROAS Lift

From The Client

“We needed to move fast as our investors were looking for us to go to market and drive sales as quickly and efficiently as possible, and Firestorm got us there.”

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