Jonathan Stec

Jonathan began his marketing adventures in the early 2000s when he started and ran a logistics company. After selling his share, he slowly began getting immersed in the digital world (during a brief stint of corporate finance) until ultimately founding Firestorm SEM with the ultimate goal of helping brands achieve their maximum value through high caliber marketing strategies and business planning. Despite being from the Poconos in Pennsylvania and located within the Philly area for the past 10 years, he has been around the globe mostly for the benefit of growing businesses. But don’t let his obsession with business and marketing fool you; he does enjoy his remaining time with his family, getting lost and exploring new areas on a weekend, and pushing his body to its physical limits (like jumping out of planes, beating personal records, and finding what helps him run at 100%).

Jonathan is also head of digital marketing for a charity called America for Animals, which works to promote compassion and end animal cruelty.

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