• Why Firestorm SEM?

    If you want to work with real people with real experience, then we are the SEM agency for you. What typically happens in most big agencies is that you work with all the stars and MVPs initially, but once the hype is over, your account is passed onto a team of 1 or more junior account managers with barely any experience. Quarterly you may see those MVPs or when your account has issues. We know this because we see this over and over with clients we interview with and have been in the big agency world ourselves.

    We also don’t just sell SEO Services and PPC Services. We take the approach of getting to know you, your business, the landscape, and your competitors. Google has HUGE reach and we want to leverage that for you but in the proper way, which is positioning your business in the best possible manner to reach your target audience and relay the proper brand messaging.

  • What is your pricing?

    Just like our services and strategies, we don’t have a one size fits all in most cases. We work with you in understanding your business and challenges and will even perform an internal SWOT analysis when composing our proposal to best position you for maximum ROI. Our pricing is a flat rate based on what work needs to be done. We do not bill on a % of spend or fluctuate pricing.  The best way to understand our pricing is to contact us and meet so we can figure out the best approach then give you a proposal.

  • Do you have a minimum?

    Yes we do have a minimum. Our agency is not setup to be a conveyor belt of churning and burning clients which would allow for taking on many small budgets. Instead, we see ourselves as being in a long term relationship and building out strategies that are for the present and future. Since transparency is one of our core values, we can tell you that we don’t have a hard line minimum but if we feel that we cannot perform with the budget you have available we will tell you and recommend other great solutions.

  • How long until…?

    For SEO we cannot control how, when, and why Google shows their organic results the way they do. We know the current methods to best show a site in search results and stay up to date on current trends and prepare for any changes that may be coming or that were surprises (and there are many Google surprises). But we cannot and will not guarantee rank nor promise a timeframe to see results. We can provide estimates based on our experience and knowledge but that is never a guarantee.

    For PPC, once we begin making optimizations you will see results. However, there are numerous factors that change by the second that will impact how much or a result you will see and how long it will take. For example, a new competitor bidding on the same keyword as you will immediately impact your ROI, because now you are competing for that term and will have to pay more to show your ad versus them. Additionally, how well your site currently converts and performs (if we are not granted the conversion rate portion of the project) will impact results. And every little change done to a site has impact, regardless of how small or minor it might seem.

  • Do you have contracts?

    For SEO we require a 90 day initial project, then it is month-to-month. Our experience has been that a full 90 day SEO project is needed to see maximum benefit from the work due to the nature of SEO. Sure initial page opts could be a one time service that leads to SEO improvements, but they will most likely not remain due to the ever changing SEO landscape and the work your competitors are doing.

    For PPC, there is no contract and is month-to-month by default.

    We are happy to discuss contract terms however and offer benefits for such arrangements.

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