Dynamically Update Ads with Ad Customizers


Do you have product information that updates more often than you can update your ads? Or maybe you have hundreds or even thousands of ads that need to be changed often to reflect product changes. Well if so, ad customizers from Google can certainly make your life easier.

We have a client that has thousands of products and multiple ads for each product. Through testing across a number of products, we determined that the highest performing ads were those that contained ads with a discounted price in them (a discount being applied for first time purchases). However, updating tens of thousands of ads would be an incredible task. Enter ad customizers. We created a ‘universal’ ad with custom parameters that would pull from a data upload. In other words, each ad for each product would pull its current price less its discount into each ad, which allows us to provide customers with the most up to date information. Of course, these ads are being split tested against a competing ad at all times, and we have yet to see the ads with discounted price be outperformed by a competing ad. More on that later…

Here is a great video from AdWords about ad customizers:

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