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The Slow Death of Small Businesses?

Do me a favor; go to Google and search for “store” + a location ,ie Philadelphia, and notice the map and organic listings that pop up. Notice what dominates…big brands. This is by design as these big brands have huge marketing budgets to allocate towards promoting their brands and reputation

eCommerce SEM Basics Part 1

With what seems like an ever changing landscape of Google's first page results, it is more important than ever to make sure you have your SEM strategy down tight. Google constantly changes their results page, but they have stakeholders and thus must increase their revenues like any other business. So to increase

Mobile Changes Everything

We are in a mobile first world. The shift that all marketers talked about is no longer ‘happening’, the shift has already occurred. Think about this…trillions of searches are done worldwide on Google and over 50% are done on either a mobile phone or a tablet. The question for brands

Merchant Center Feed Rules!

We have all been there...you want to setup Google Merchant Center to use on Google AdWords. Then you get to the feed and spend hours mapping your data to what Google requires. Upload, cross fingers, then review errors, attempt to fix...you get the idea. You basically spend a good amount of time

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