Say Hi to Bumper Ads


Google has recently announced that in May they will be offering a new, bumper carssix second format on AdWords available on a CPM basis, called “Bumper Ads”. This format is great to maintain awareness, help users recall your messaging, and help build consideration for your brand. Since the trend is turning more and more to mobile, Google believes these will be great for targeting your audience on that medium. Since the mobile market is mostly between the ages of 18-49, naturally this format is more for them. Any additional age targeting of course will need to be done within the targeting settings.

Google states that these bumper ads work best when paired with other TrueView ads, which makes sense since six seconds is not much time to relay a message, and after a user has viewed your longer ad can be shown and ‘refreshed’ about your message by these ads. We recommend to have a traditional TrueView ad conveying your ultimate message and selling point, then use the Bumper Ads as ‘reminders’ or ‘hints’. You can setup the targeting of the Bumper Ads to be based on a retargeting list created from users of the main, longer TrueView ad. Below is an example of from Audi, who first introduced their Q-series in the ‘traditional’ longer TrueView ad, then followed that with two Bumper Ads :

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Then subsequently, users would be shown each model in the series via a Bumper Ad:

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We plan to test this for our clients currently running TrueView ads, where applicable. As mentioned above, This is a great addition for any branding initiatives, however, it can be a challenge for lead generating/revenue driving initiatives. Also, these are unskippable, so be certain the frustration factor will be low with your messaging and video. We have a few ideas on how we can leverage this as well as make it valuable to users so they won’t want to skip (even though they cannot), so be sure to look out for a follow up post on what we did and results.

To read more about this new ad format, visit the post on Inside AdWords.